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Looking for career change in my life, so while I was surfing the net I came across usapoolroutesales.com. I approached Joe and Lisa for some info about owning a pool company. What they had to tell me sparked a lot of interest in me, so in 2010 I bought a pool route with 19 accounts from them not knowing anything about the industry. Joe and Lisa guided me every step of the way to the right path for success. It was the best thing that I ever did. As a father of four children with my spouse I am able to support my family and then some. Even though Joe and Lisa are there in the beginning to help me with any questions or concerns I continued to use their advice and techniques to build my company 8 years later to 4 routes with over 400 accounts. Thanks Joe and Lisa for everything you have done for me. If you are interested in buying a route, I can definitely endorse owning a pool company is the way to go.
Paul Q., Port Orange Pool Maintenance, Florida

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Thank you for all the time you spent answering our questions and helping us understand the pool biz. It was a foreign concept to me and my wife, but you took the guess work out of it. We really liked that you have gone through the same steps and owned your own pool biz too. We talked to people and could tell they didn’t know half of what you did! Thanks for getting us on the road to success!
David & Stephanie L., Clear View Pools, California

I didn’t believe Lisa when she said she could sell my pools for decent money and make the process painless. Thanks for turning this stubborn skeptic into a believer! I highly recommend Pool Route Sales USA and look forward to doing business with you again.
Carrie L., Clean Pools, Florida

I'm so glad I found Joe! I was about to buy a route direct from the owner, but after talking to Joe soon realized how risky it could be. Thanks for saving me from what could have been a disaster.
Darin W., Central Florida Pool & Spa, Florida

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe and Lisa on several deals since 2007. Each time they proved to be professional, diligent and always responded in a timely manner. Today, Joe and Lisa continue to exceed my expectations and in short, get the job done!
Jeff U., Florida

I've sold 4 routes through Joe and all of them went smooth. The routes always sold within the listing period and I would highly recommend Pool Route Sales USA.
Scott B., Alphapros, Florida

I used another broker in the past and the sale went south quickly. I listed with Pool Route Sales USA and they sold my route within 2 weeks of listing! The transition went smooth and I will use them again in the future.
Dan G., Tampa, Florida

Having bought my route through one brokerage and sold through USA Pool Route Sales I can attest to the diligent, professional, and efficient service provided by USA Pool Route Sales vs. the others. Lisa and Joe got my route listed and sold quickly without any issues! Thank you Lisa and Joe!
Dragonfly Pool Services, Nevada

Hi Joe and Lisa, I wanted to give you a short testimonial for your involvement in the purchase of a pool route. I purchased the route thru your company and I will say that every detail was up front and straight forward. There were no hidden surprises or issues. Everything went as it should have and we are the happy owners of a new pool route business. We are looking forward to using you in the future with other purchases. Thanks again!
James L., Texas

I bought my pool route through Pool Route Sales USA, Inc in Oct 2013. Things are going great. So far I have picked up 15 new pools, 7 in the last 2 weeks! If I keep on doing a good job, my work will sell itself. Thanks again, you guys have been great.
Tim F., Gator Pool Pros, Florida

Lisa and Joe were easy to work with when we decided to sell our pool business. They listened to our needs and wants and made the transaction of our business go very smooth. We highly recommend Joe and Lisa if you're looking to buy or sell a pool business.
Trey and Brooke J., Texas

Lisa and Joe are the consummate PROS!!!!!! Helped me EVERY step of the way in selling my pool routes in a timely and professional manner. They are the BEST!!!!
Mark K., Aquablue Pool Service of Central Florida, Kissimmee, Florida

With the help of Joe and Lisa, I purchased my first pool route back in 2010. The process went smooth and there were no surprises. Since that time, they have helped me sell two of my own pool routes and we are currently working on selling a third! Thank you for your hard work and professionalism!
Mark M., Tampa, Florida

My wife and I were trying to find a small business to purchase and operate together. We considered a Pinch a Penny franchise and discovered the pool route business along the way. We knew nothing about the purchase of this type of business. Lisa & Joe walked us through every step and we eventually purchased a pool route of over 145 customers. The real compliment is the great service after the sale and continued support. Lisa & Joe were/are honest, professional and easy to work with. I will do business with Lisa & Joe in the future.
Stephanie & Dean G., Valrico, Florida

Looking to supplement my income, I purchased a route through Joe in 2008. I spoke with several brokers, but ultimately decided to buy through Joe. His honesty and first hand knowledge of the business put me at ease, making my decision to purchase a no brainer. Due to a personal issue, I was forced to sell my route and returned to Joe. He made the sale just as easy as the purchase and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Joe for all the personal attention you gave to me and my family. It truly means a lot to us all!
Danny R., Sea Breeze Pools, California

I never got a chance to thank you and Joe for the excellent service you provided in the purchase of the pool route, everything is going great. Thank you again
Marcus G., Rockledge, Florida