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Selling any business is a specialized process and the pool service industry is our niche! You’ll only sell your pool service route or business once and you owe it to yourself to use expert intermediaries who have done this many times before. Utilizing the brokerage services of Pool Route Sales USA will save you valuable time and allow you to continue focusing on your business operations. The exposure your business receives from our marketing program will help sell your pool route or business for top dollar, in the shortest time possible.


Experience, Experience, Experience!

Unlike general business brokers, we have first-hand knowledge of the pool industry and experience in selling pool service routes and businesses.


Save you time & money

Let’s face it – time is money! You are busy and it is important for you to focus on running your pool business. We pre-qualify and educate potential buyers on the pool service industry prior to introducing them to you.



We provide the necessary paperwork you need for an easy transaction acting as a neutral third party should the need arise for any dispute resolution.



We will market your pool route or business without current employees, customers, or any competitors knowing the business is for sale. All inquiries regarding the sale of your business are confidential. Prospective buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving any detailed information. This agreement binds the prospective buyer from disclosing the sale of your business, as well as any and all proprietary information on the operation of your business.

We put MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET than other brokers!

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Download one of our questionnaires below to gather information we need to get the process started.

Pools Open Year Round

This questionnaire is designed for pool routes located in Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.


Pools That Open/Close

This questionnaire is designed for pool routes located in states such as Georgia and New York.


Only Texas Pools

This questionnaire is designed for pool routes located in Texas and includes questions on state sales tax.